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Article gratuit. Connectez-vous pour en bénéficier! Abstract Rehabilitation is widely recommended in national and international guidelines for managing osteoarthritis OA in primary care settings.

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Rehabilitation for OA widely includes land- and water-based exercise, strength training, weight management, self-management and education, biomechanical interventions, and physically active lifestyle. We performed a critical narrative review of the efficacy and safety of rehabilitation for managing OA and discuss evidence-based international recommendations.

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The process of article selection was unsystematic. For the purpose of the review, we focused on land- and water-based exercise and strength training for knee, hip and hand OA.

Other aspects of rehabilitation in OA are treated elsewhere in this special issue.

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Exercise therapy is widely recommended for managing knee, hip and hand OA. However, the level of evidence varies according to OA location. Overall, consistent evidence suggests that exercise therapy and specific strengthening exercise or strength training for the osteoarthritis guidelines 2020 pdf limb reduce pain and improve physical function in knee OA. Evidence for other OA sites are less consistent.

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Therefore, because of the lack of specific studies, recommendations for hip and hand OA are osteoarthritis guidelines 2020 pdf derived from studies of knee OA. In addition, no recommendations have been established regarding the exercise regimen. The efficacy and safety of exercise therapy and strength training need to be further evaluated in randomized controlled trials of patients with hip and hand OA.

The optimal delivery of exercise programs also has to be more clearly defined. Le texte complet de cet article est disponible en PDF.

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