Radar-Tronic Ltd. is a motivated and dinamically developing team with more than 20 years of experience.
Producer and developer of electronic devices (CEM, EMS), and at the same time constant emerging member of the inland and international market with own developed products (OEM) since 1992.

Our customers can choose from:

  • production of small, medium and large set electronic devices,
    SMD assembly, BGA assembly, TH components assembly
  • selective wave soldering, reflow and hand soldering
  • purchasing of electronic components and PCBs
  • appliance assembly
  • programming and testing of electronic circuits
  • unique production

  • data and transfer cable equipped with many type of connector
  • Electrical engineering (VHF, UHF transmitters, transceivers, RFID)
  • Mechanical engineering (metal sheet cases, molded plastic box design)
  • X-ray inspection to check the quality of the PCBs and find the hidden faults of soldering (BGA, BGA...).


Our company has the EN ISO 9001-2008 certificate


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